MiniAPM v3.1 ArduCopter version mpuav


in box

RC connector

Use CC3D Flight Controller 8Pin Connection Cable Plug and Play and use needle to remove connectors and put it to original.


GPS from RCTimer

Be carefully with GPS connector, in my case it was not solder properly and I suggest to solder wires without connector.


Bluetooth from aliexpress (default settings name:ZMR, pin:0000, baudrate:115200), don't connect USB and Bluetooth at the same time, telemetry port 115200 baudrate (looks like it's RX0/TX0, with OSD it is work on 115200, with er9x-frsky works only on 567000, crazy... it's better to trace it to atmega chip)

Motors and ESC

extend motor cables for YAW motor
melt hot glue
power connectors
mounted motor


In Mission Planner set RC7_REV to -1 (from 1) for right yaw rotation.

VERY DANGEROUS -> Solder JP2 on back of the miniAPM board for power up servo from controller. AND DON'T power up from ESC and UBEC at the same time.


FPV module with cloverleaf antenna and minimOSD

minimOSD required custom firmware because telemetry port on miniAPM is uart0 and default speed is 115200, but default minimOSD speed is 57600. So first of all upload default firmware and fonts, then erase EEPROM by Arduino sketch (change 512 to 1024), then upload minimOSD sketch with changed speed (#define TELEMETRY_SPEED 115200), then use software to configure display data. If some data is not display or display with zeros, enable OSD in Mission Planner.


DYS Brushless Two-axis Gimbal BLG2SN GLB + RCtimer 2804-100T + Nikon P330, total weight 443g, gimbal (without some parts) with motors = 245g

Gimbal mount
Gimbal on tricopter

Test and results

Hover flight time about 25 minutes without brushless gimbal with Zippy compact 4S 5800mAh and total payload weight 1600g.

DON'T USE APM Autotune on such slow kv motors.


Failsafe Turnigy 9xr + FrSky

tnx to Andy. On Turnigy 9xr go to menu 2, set E.Limits to ON, go to menu 6, extend throttle channel to -110, set stick down (MissionPlanner will show about 950 on throttle channel), briefly push the button on FrSky receiver (transmitter beep), and then set throttle channel back to -100 and disable E.Limits. Setup failsafe for APM as shown in official wiki.


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